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Cliff Jump Academy
ARE YOU READY to claim your AESTHETICS business success?
Turbo-charge your aesthetics business by getting crystal clear on your GOALS, and uncovering a CONFIDENCE you never even knew you had.
  • Sunday 23rd June 2019
  •  Macdonald Portal Hotel, Tarporley, Cheshire
The Basics...
Sunday, 23rd June 2019
  •    8.45amRegistration
  • Goal Setting & Finding Your     'Why'
  •   Finding Your 'Best Self' For     Your Business
  •   12.30pm - Lunch
  •   What Happens If You   Do Not Take Action
  •   Fear Audit: What's Stopping       You?
  •   Cliff Jump Planning
  •   Lizard Brain Slaying: How to   Stay On Track
  •   5.00pm - Close
Macdonald Portal Hotel 
Golf & Spa, Cheshire
Address: Portal Hotel, Cobblers Cross Ln, Taporley, Cheshire, CW6 0DJ
Parking: Available on site
Best Train Station: Chester
What You Get
  •  Entry to Cliff Jump Academy (Value: Priceless!)
  • Workbook including extra templates to keep you on track afterwards (Value: £55)
  • Two-course lunch (Value: £24)
  •  Refreshments throughout the day (Value: £12)
  • BONUS: £75 SkinViva Training Voucher to Spend on Clinical Face-to-face Courses (Value: £75)
  • Total Value           £415          
  • Ticket Price   £249 incl VAT
Not Your Average Aesthetics  Conference!
At this unique motivational seminar you will learn how to finally stop holding yourself back from success in your aesthetics business.

You will learn the brain-hacks you need to create that marketing video you've been putting off forever, tackle OVERWHELM when life just seems too full, and even find the courage to face down your fear of complications and actually start implementing all your clinical skills!

Heck, you may even start *enjoying* creating marketing videos of yourself!

In fact, here's just a sample of what you can expect at this unique motivational seminar:
  • ​Get crystal clear on your goals and DREAM-BIG in a safe, judgement-free space...
  • ​Uncover and discard all your BS stories about why you're not worthy of PUTTING YOURSELF OUT THERE...
  • ​Discover your best self by exploring your values, passions and what makes you and your aesthetics business unique and highly desirable...
  • ​Meet and hear stories from other Aesthetic Clinicians, and see for yourself that it's not just you who has fears and self-doubt...
  • ​Do it all whilst having some serious ass-shaking FUN! Trust me, you've never been to a business conference like this before!...
  • ... and much, MUCH More!
Don't miss this unique motivational seminar where we walk through a simple-to-follow process that will lead you to jump off the cliffs to take the actions you've been avoiding for months or even years.

Take A Sneak Peek Inside...
Don't Just Take Our Word For It...
See What Other Aesthetic Clinicians From All Over The UK Said About 
Their Experience at The Cliff Jump Academy in September 2018
"I couldn't wait for the next one to happen. I couldn't get enough of it in my life! Because it was just full of positive thinking and high energy. There was so much love in the room!”
“…All of a sudden this overwhelming feeling of being part of something that is absolutely amazing came over me...You'll be euphoric and happy … and come away with a wealth of knowledge and an extra confidence and techniques to actually move your business forward… I definitely found my best self. My business has gone from strength to strength!”
I came back completely changed…I would highly recommend you
go because you will walk away from that day energised and ready to conquer aesthetics” 
“I took away from it how to grow my business with a positive attitude, and about being brave and bold and just pushing myself forward”
“It's enabled me to reach out into myself really and recognise my abilities and be proud of who I am what I do and what I bring to clients, because I think a lot of the time that we don't fully appreciate ourselves…Whenever I hear ‘This Is Me’ song, it just takes me straight back to that room and I feel all emotional!”
"The results of that Academy have filtered through to my clinic now, to the point where now I make Facebook lives and my own videos and that's something that I wouldn't have done before, so it's given me a lot"
"It was just fabulous… I identified the areas I needed to focus on to really make my business work… and then something really strange happened. One of the things I wanted to achieve out of it was to get another 2 salons…and then 2 salons approached me! It was just like this power of positivity stuff really, really works!”
“The energy in the room was amazing it was, at the same time calm, but so powerful. I got a boost of confidence that when I left, I literally felt unstoppable”
“Regardless of where you were at in your business, they targeted it and you could do as much participation as you wanted to, but you didn't have to participate if you didn't want to. You got a manual so it really helped you work through any issues”
“It was a real sense of belonging, because aesthetics can be so isolating. I get lots of contact since by Facebook, social media about getting there together and supporting each other
"I'm living proof that mindset works!"
Miranda and her husband and industry thought-leader, Dr Tim Pearce, picking up 2 Aesthetics Awards in  2018. Tim and Miranda lead the Cliff Jump Academy together
Meet Miranda
Founder, Mindset Warriors & SkinViva
In 2016 I hit a wall.

We'd grown our successful aesthetics clinic and training company, SkinViva, but I had come back to work full-time 2.5 months after having our second son, and was overwhelmed and struggling with self-doubt.

I regularly wound up in the feotal position on the kitchen floor after the kids' bedtime. Something had to give!

Just a few short weeks later EVERYTHING had changed. I was on fire at work - pushing aside fears that had plagued me for years; I had a morning routine that I stuck to religiously making me way more productive; and I had quit a 20-year habit of biting the skin around my nails!

So what happened?

On Sunday 17th July 2016, I listened to a Facebook Live from Tony Robbins that changed my life.

He explained that overwhelm, self-doubt, procrastination etc, were not fundamental flaws within me. They were simply PATTERNS of behaviour and thought.

In actual fact, I could achieve ANYTHING I wanted to, if only I would discard my old limiting beliefs and create new empowering patterns of behaviour.

Fast-forward almost 3 years, and not only is my life unrecognisable, but I am passing on that knowledge to others through the game-changing Medical Aesthetics Mindset Warriors Facebook group, and the Cliff Jump Academy live event.

I would love, love, LOVE to work with you find out what’s holding you back in business, and get you cliff-jump ready to smash your goals! I'll look forward to shaking my ass with you at the Cliff Jump Academy on June 23rd! 

"Wait! But🙈..."
We know what you might be thinking, "This sounds amazing, but I'm shy, so I'm not sure I'll fit in!"

We TOTALLY get it! Tim is also an introvert and, when we went to our first personal development seminar in 2017, he was a bit freaked out....

So, we've put together these handy FAQs FOR INTROVERTS!
  • Is there any role-play at the Cliff Jump Academy?
  • No, there's no role-play.
  • Will I have to talk in front of everyone, or on stage!?
  • Definitely not! Some people want to share their experience, but that is 100% voluntary.
  • It all seems a bit 'happy clappy'. Is it going to be weird?!
  • There is hard-science that links our likelihood of taking courageous action with our physiological state. In other words, if you shake your ass, you are more likely to smash your goals! We promise you won't be asked to sign up to a cult!
  • Dancing...what?! Will there be booze!?
  • You normally need a skinful before you dance, right? Watch the testimonial videos above from clinicians just like you who attended the last Cliff Jump Academy. The environment is RIDICULOUSLY supportive. It's like one big family of totally imperfect dad-dancers, so please don't worry!
This is your defining moment.
The decision is now. 
Here's What You're Going To Get...
  •  Entry to Cliff Jump Academy, Sunday 23rd June at  Macdonald Portal Hotel, Cheshire (Value: Priceless!)
  • Workbook including extra templates to keep you on track afterwards (Value: £55)
  • Two-course lunch (Value: £24)
  •  Refreshments throughout the day (Value: £12)
  • BONUS: £75 SkinViva Training Voucher to Spend on Face-to-face Courses (Value: £75) T&Cs apply
  • Total Value        £415  (incl VAT)                        
  • Ticket Price      £249 (incl VAT)                
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